We pride ourselves to be the leading provider of transcription, closed captioning and subtitling services, and the preferred partner for companies and institutions worldwide.

We are specialists in audio & video transcription service, converting a spoken language source into a text file with timecodes ready for translation. We can then translate your transcript into any of over 50 African languages.

Usually we transcribe to create a voice-over script, or we create an audio transcription for subtitling your video. Our expertises in these areas make us a popular choice for clients who wish to re-version existing video content into African language versions. Our audio & video transcription team are all trained to transcribe audio with full time-codes i.e. hours, minutes, seconds and frames.

Whether you have video content in English, or speaking in a foreign language, we’ll create an audio transcription as a time-coded document.  This can then be used as a reference in your video edit, and as a voice-over script. Alternatively we can produce a condensed version for subtitling.

Our services are designed to simplify all your transcription needs.

Our process is straightforward and our rates transparent. We pride ourselves on up-front pricing with no hidden fees, and we offer many complimentary features for which our competitors charge.

Verbatim Transcription

We’ll transcribe every expression, filler, repetition, and other nuances exactly as they appear in the original audio.

Clean Transcription

This more easy-to-read transcript excludes expressions, fillers, repetitions, and other superfluous nuances that appeared in the original audio.

Customized Transcription

Your transcript can be customized to a format that meets your needs and specifications.

Transcribing Strong Accents

Our team of highly skilled transcriptionists and quality analysts are highly skilled in understanding and translating the most unique accents and dialects. We offer expertise in handling different nationalities, slangs, and other cultural nuances. Over the time, we have successfully transcribed files with speakers from US, UK, Australia, along with non-native English speakers, and consistently meet the area-specific language and usage expectations of all our clientele.

Pre-transcription Audio/Video Assessment Report

We assess your audio/video file for its quality and complexity to evaluate whether your project requires any special treatment. If there is a problem with your audio file, we identify the issues early to deliver the best results.

Our Transcription Process

  1. Transcription:

Files are divided into sections and transcribed by professional transcriptionists.

  1. Review

Sections are edited, and timestamps and speaker tracking are added.

  1. Proofreading

Sections are merged and proofread to ensure that the text is consistent.

  1. Quality check

The transcript is proofread a second time to ensure over 99% accuracy.

Native Transcribers

We believe that the transcription can be done best by a transcriber to whom the language is native. For this reason we hire people who are native Africans who would know the intricacies of the specific language.